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About the Art


Colorful BalconyHe was born with taste “conegusto”. Everything he creates is done with an artistic style and flair.

Giancarlo Venturini has been communicating thoughts and images through his drawings and creating objects of beauty throughout his life. Whether designing beautiful knitwear; the reconstruction of an ancient dwelling or an Italian Art Original, his talent and vision result in unparalleled Objects of Art (objecti de arte).
Oil on Wood is Giancarlo’s preferred medium for his paintings, as it offers the perfect palette to secure the Italian Chestnut Wood frame. Giancarlo feels that color is of utmost importance; and as you look at his different works, you will see a diverse yet appealing use of all color ranges.

Sunsets serve as one of the inspirations for Giancarlo, as he sees them as the most beautiful time of the day. Giancarlo is fortunate, as he has the pleasure of viewing many beautiful sunsets from his Tuscan Villa in San Martino Poppy Field(bella vista). Each sunset is unique and provides inspiration for much of his art. The Tuscan hillsides, the colorful blooms in the fields and various structures from the past; as well as the ancient walled city of Lucca, are the subjects of many paintings.

Castelvecchio remains much like it was in 1864 when his Great Grandfather built their family home and this area continues to be a major influence in the work of Giancarlo.  The many doorways, window boxes and stairways provide colorful memories for his paintings.

The WallGiancarlo spent his childhood summers at the family Villa in the ancient hilltown of Castelvecchio. The town remains much like it was when his ancestors built the Villa in 1864, and the area continues to be a major influence in much of his work. The many doorways, window boxes and stairways provide colorful memories. Once the painting is complete with the Italian Chestnut Wood frame, one can recognize his specialized style. Giancarlo’s artistic tone is his own and his works of art are appealing in any ambiance. This style lives and breathes outside of current fashion, as well as time. Truly an Italian Art Original


“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” 
Oscar Wilde.





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